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Same Argument, Better Case

I realize the example I used in class of the farmer whose vocation it was to grow weed was a crappy one. So I’ll take another stab at making a case against “Tom’s” lifestyle choice. Yes, one could argue that … Continue reading

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Apropros of today’s discussion on the Flat Earth Society

Rock on.

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Mill on “Justice” at Harvard University

I thought some of you might be interested in this series that Harvard puts on youtube called “Justice”: it’s taught by professor and modern-day political philosopher Michael Sandel. For being a class at an Ivy League school, it seems surprisingly … Continue reading

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The Consequences of Like-Minded Societies

We are now reading about the problems that arise in a society with different groups and ideas, a practical concern different from Rousseau’s idea of a people that pretty much agree with each other on most things. I have found … Continue reading

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Things I learned from South Park

Madison’s federalist paper no. 10 reminds me of a South Park episode where Cartman has to do some history paper about the constitution and gets thrown back in time to when the founding fathers are writing it (all the episodes … Continue reading

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Paper Topics

Well, it’s that time of the semester. Time to write your super excellent fun essays about democratic theory! So please read the instructions below: Select ONE of the following paper topics. Papers are to be 5-7 pages long (1250-1750 words), … Continue reading

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A thought on religion

Rousseau says in Book IV Ch. VIII, “We are told that a people of true Christians would form the most perfect society imaginable. I see but one major difficulty in this assumption, namely that a society of true Christians would … Continue reading

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