Things I learned from South Park

Madison’s federalist paper no. 10 reminds me of a South Park episode where Cartman has to do some history paper about the constitution and gets thrown back in time to when the founding fathers are writing it (all the episodes are online at; I don’t know which one it is, but you can find it if you look: it’s after season 5). The gist of the episode is that the constitution is so great because the majority is allowed to do things that are unpopular, yet the minority who don’t like it are allowed to protest against it. This mirror’s Madison’s assertion that you can’t eliminate the causes of factions, but can eliminate their effects: a) because if the faction comprises of a minority, the majority may have to listen to it, but not necessarily act on it, and b) if the faction comprises of the majority, the minorities can still voice their disapproval of it and potentially limit the extremity of its effects.

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