It’s all in your heads

This is my foreign reaction to when Glenn asked last class if we thought the American government would collapse if another terrorist attack happened on a larger scale than 9/11, and many of you said that you did believe that would happen.

I found it interesting that this belief (that the U.S. would fall to foreign attack) is itself based on the myth that everyone is out to get America. Outside opinion of the U.S. is often shaped by the fact that to America, everyone is perceivable as an enemy. This is part of the reason people see America as an arrogant nation. But of the billions of non-Americans, there are maybe a few thousand that actually make it their life goals to harm the U.S. There is no “League of Doom” if you will. What is most fascinating about this phenomenon, however, is how it shapes American’s perspectives of their own government: namely, that it would collapse if attacked by a another big terrorist attack. Because in people’s minds this unlikely attack seems so imminent, their faith in their government’s ability to protect them and for them to remain one united nation is undermined.

So don’t trap yourself into this kind of thinking: it could lead to your own self-destruction.

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