Clinton and Schmitt

In his speech on Saturday in Eastman Theatre, former President Clinton addressed the same issues that Schmitt talked about in The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy.  To be more specific, Clinton talked about how both parties in Washington need to listen to the other side more instead of having unproductive debates anymore – having a more free and open discussion, if you will.  The fact of the matter is that when people stop listening to suggestion, then nothing will get done, and I think this is what is beginning to happen in our government.  In Clinton’s words, the country needs more “shared prosperity” within all of the people, not just the white, upper-class bigwigs who control most of the country’s money.

However dismal this thought is that we are somewhat spiraling down into destruction, he did raise the excellent point that the country as a whole is much less racist, sexists, and homophobic than ever before, which should leave us optimistic for a successful future as a country.  I agree wholeheartedly that if something is done about our current rut, that we can pull ourselves back into a successful democracy.

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