Ron Paul for Prez? Maybe.

It’s looking like Ron Paul could win Iowa. The Elephants are going nuts and the buzz can’t make up it’s mind.

Ron Paul has some really extreme ideas in terms of personal freedoms and a lot of what he says makes sense, but he is completely insane. I’m not sure he will make it through the primaries, but he may likely be the only candidate that can put up a fight with Obama.

Gingrich and Romney tend to tow the republican line, and that is not enough to differentiate them selves from Obama who’s track record so far has been reasonably middle of the road. If nothing else, a Ron Paul win would make the circus that has become the republican primary more interesting.

It’s to bad Jon Huntsman has no chance, he is really the only candidate that is not completely crazy. Huntsman’s stance on most issues is pretty similar to Obama’s though, so voting for him would be essentially the same as voting for Obama.

We have discussed the need for participation in democracy for it to work properly. And we have discussed how even not taking actions in democracy is techincally participation. Is it better to ignore this primary? or to keep an eye on it? Can any of these guys really put up competition for Obama in the general election? All of them seem to be punch lines to bad jokes. I would prefer to stay out of this political scene, but my silence is participation whether I like it or not.

The reality I find my self in is not a promising one.


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