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Democracy in the face of Technology This video I believe speaks volumes about some of the fears we (younger people especially) feel about the future of democracy. 100 years ago and earlier, the people ultimately had the power. While a large military force could force … Continue reading

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Prompts for the Optional Paper

Here are the instructions and prompts for the optional essay. Please let me know if you have any questions. Answer ONE of the following paper topics. Your final draft should be 5-7 (seven pages is an absolute, law of nature … Continue reading

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JPW Heirarchy…

Jazz Performance Workshops, often called JPW’s, are the required ensembles for Eastman Jazz students. These groups embody a rhythm section (drums, bass, piano and/or guitar) and horn players. Jazz combos (another name) have a very common hierarchy system – the … Continue reading

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The Ukraine

If you don’t know what’s happening in the Ukraine this link should fill u in. This link will explain what’s going on in Crimea. The Ukrainian people and members of their parliament want a connection with the European Union for … Continue reading

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