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Is society being deliberately distracted?

During this course we read and discussed Hannah More’s Village Politics. In this text, More writes about how the common people are not set to have a place in ruling in government. With the vast array of information that the … Continue reading

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Democratic Diatribe

Please read this first and foremost. It will only take a few seconds. I can’t remember exactly when I discovered Humans of New York (HONY), but it’s one of the few things on my Facebook newsfeed which I take the … Continue reading

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Why do we look for a perfect government?

What is the point of trying to finding a perfect government? Or one that will function enough to learn from past mistakes and its own mistakes to make itself stronger in the future. Every single time a government is formed, … Continue reading

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For Rousseau, its very important that the populace is well educated in order to have democracy.Now a days, people have the opportunity to become more educated with the use of the internet. Just like Isaac Asimov predicted in the interview, … Continue reading

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Foreign-Founder and Legitimacy in “The Tempest”

I just read Shakespeare’s, “The Tempest” and realized that there are several situations in the play which seem to deal with questions we have discussed in class. Though the play was written over a century before any of the writers … Continue reading

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Objectivity in Politics: Possible?

There was a post a little while ago about the plutocratic/oligarchic nature of this country, and I wrote a comment about the strangeness of the conflation people frequently make between one’s status as an “elite” and their wealth. I realized that … Continue reading

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Video Game or Social Experiment?

I wrote about this game previously in the blog for the Marx, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, and Freud, but I think that there are some relevant things in “Eve: Online” relating to some of the ideas we have discussed this year in … Continue reading

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