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Link for Considerations on Representative Government

For Tuesday’s class (2/21), we will be finishing up our discussions of Mill’s “On Liberty.” On Thursday, we’ll start discussing his text, Considerations on Representative Government,” which explains why representative government is so awesome (for most people, anyway), and how … Continue reading

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Public Things

I have been mulling over writing this post for a while now, but I hadn’t figured out how I wanted to frame it until now. The title I’ve chosen is “public things.” This is, I hope, a phrase that is … Continue reading

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Reading questions on More, Burke, and Madison

For Tuesday, we are reading Burke and More. The discussion of Madison will occur on Thursday. However, this post will cover both readings. First, a little bit of background. Hannah More (1745-1833) was a British writer and philanthropist. Throughout much … Continue reading

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Readings for Next Week (2/7 & 2/9)

For Friday and Monday, we are reading several critics of modern democracy, largely undertaken from an elitist perspective. The first is Hannah More’s “Village Politics.” You can also find an interesting discussion of More’s pamphlet here (this is not assigned, … Continue reading

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