One of the main topics of discussion with both democrats and republicans the past few years has been about “Obamacare”. A big topic for the past presidential debates, Obamacare has not been a favorite among the republicans. Although the name “Obamacare” is dab at the law called “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, which aims at increasing the quality and affordability of health insurance, thus allowing health care to be expanded.

Last week, congress voted on a new healthcare law that would appeal to mostly Republicans and those who are moderates. This law was called the “American Health Care Act”. This prospective health care bill would allow states to have more control of medicaid. The states would be given a “block grant” for medicaid and not receive money based on each individual person who has enrolled. Another change would be that if states wanted to, they could require employment in order to get medicaid. All there are definitely more changes, the one other rule would be for people fifty and older. For people fifty and older who have medicaid, their healthcare taxes would increase.

As one can imagine, this health care bill was not very popular with the democrats. What was even more surprising to me was how this bill was also not very popular with the republicans. You would think that the political party shared with the majority of congress and the president would result in agreements with new laws.  Trumpcare would appeal mostly to the conservative republicans as it would give states more rights on choosing what they do with the health care money. Conservatives are all for reduced federal regulations.

I remember getting a notification on my phone from the BBC app, discussing how this healthcare bill was so bad that the republicans decided to take it back as they realized the law was not appealing to anyone. With all this, the biggest thing on my mind is if Paul Ryan or Donald Trump realize how bad their platforms and ideas are. They don’t do anything to benefit society. Denying health care for people results in a weaker society. Do they really believe it’s fair if half of the population does not have health care? Do they feel that it’s their own fault for not being able to have their own health care? I hope they realized that this big downfall really should make them think about their health care views, as well as there other political views.

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  1. jlau4 says:

    The best way to tackle health care would be to gather public opinion and views in a constructive manner as Benhabib recommends. The biggest flaw with the current health care situation is how it is being handled. You have representatives who can’t empathize with their constituents, and have no idea how to construct legislation that would do the best at meeting the demands of our societies citizens.
    With these flaws in mind, our government also needs to learn how to take its time with such a complex issue. With the POTUS spewing his mouth and a congress with an aggressive agenda, they’re not functioning as effectively as they can.
    I don’t think we’ll ever find a perfect system for healthcare, however there does need to be more direct input from the citizens to get as close to a good system as we can.

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