For the people… But not by the people.

One thing we can learn from the recent health care bill that just went through congress is that elected officials do not care for their constituents, nor do they care to hear out any input from them either. This is problematic. Benhabib brings up a great point that all peoples affected by a piece of legislation should have voice and vote in the matter. I know we live in a representative republic, however it frightens me that republican legislators pushed a bill so quickly without consulting anyone on the matter. To make things worse, there is a number of congressmen haven’t even bothered to take the time to read the document, and blindly voted just to support their party. In a Rousseau-ian mindset, these people aren’t thinking whats best for the general will of the people, but selfishly for whatever political agenda these politicians are following. In the sense of Hill, these politicians aren’t thinking for themselves as individuals serving a people, but they are trapped in the partisan hive. It’s disheartening to see people mutilate such powers.

It currently seems as if the Republican party is trying to muscle its way around with American politics, and everything is currently spinning into a deeper mess than it already is. First the Trump administration fires Sally Yates, the attorney general, for disagreeing with a discriminatory travel ban (which also ironically goes against the whole idea of a country of immigrants idea and everything the Statue of Liberty stands for). Secondly, the first time the new health care bill came around was a total disaster, and republican officials were scrambling to live up to their 8 year promise to get rid of the affordable care act. Their efforts failed, which led to the current situation where they funneled a new bill out too quickly for anyone to understand and forced new legislation down the throat of the American people. And most recently, the Trump administration suspiciously fired FBI Director James Comey, while he was conducting an investigation on the the administration to look for any ties with Russia.  The one thing that all these actions have in common is that the citizens had no say in any of these actions what so ever. Those who are affected aren’t granted a vote in this totalitarian administration, and Benhabib would be pissed.

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