Trump and the Power that he seems to have

(Just writing the title of the blog has made me realize how many of my blogs deal with Trump)

It seems that everyday there is something in the news about our current President. And such is the case with most Presidents, however, how many presidents have a disapproval rating that drops significantly before his first 100 days in office. So far, there has been one. You guessed it. It’s old Donald. Most recently, Trump was in the news because he fired the Director of the FBI, James Comey. This is Trump’s third firing of his presidency, starting with the Acting Attorney General, followed by his National Security Advisor. What’s worst is that Mr. Comey found out that he was fired from the TV,  while of course speaking to an audience. How does that even happen? To tell you one thing, the FBI was not very fond of this event.

How does one person, who is supposed to have limited powers, can decide on a whim to fire someone without proper reason. Trump was being investigated with his ties to the Russians and how that had influence on the 2016 Presidential election. And without rationally thinking (no surprise at all), he freaked out because he was worried about getting caught and decided to fire the person in charge.

I wanted to find out more about how this could actually happen. So I went to  The New York Times. I found this article to be well written. This article says that Trump fired Mr. Comey because of the way he was handling the investigation regarding Clinton’s email server. As SNL says, “ENOUGH WITH THE EMAILS”. For some time now, all that can be linked to Hilary Clinton is her use of her private email when she was Secretary of State, which happened during President’s Obama first term.

I kind of feel that maybe President Trump became scared of Mr. Comey. May be Trump was worried that Comey would find out that the Trump had the Russians help him so he could win the election. He fired him because maybe Comey was finding the cherry on top to the perfect ice cream sundae. The article writes that the “reaction in Washington was swift and fierce. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, said the firing could make Americans suspect a cover-up”, which is exactly what most Americans think. In this state of our political climate, we can’t help but think which action of Trump’s is a cover up to something bigger and dramatic.

I remember when we were reading Carl Schmitt in class and how he talked about how there are many types of democracies, including ones where it’s dictatorship. That always mind boggled me, however, with the current state of the country it sounds more believable. I’m not arguing that we are a dictatorship, but when the President is firing people on the whim, you start to think about that the power he has is undemocratic.





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