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A Personal Narrative About Reasoned Debate

Our class discussions on both Benhabib and Schmitt got me thinking about a personal experience I had in high school regarding trying to make a decision as a group through “reasoned debate”. My sophomore year of high school, I was … Continue reading

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Fake News (is) on Facebook.

During the past election season (November of 2016), I would often find myself astonished ┬áby the titles of news articles people would post on Facebook. The topics of these sensational articles varied from doomsday epics, crazy claims about Hillary Clinton, … Continue reading

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Of Blazing Saddles and Rousseau

On one of the many snowy nights this spring break, I decided to sit down with a friend and watch one of my all-time favorite movies from my childhood, Blazing Saddles. At first, the opening theme and credits took me … Continue reading

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