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Of Blazing Saddles and Rousseau

On one of the many snowy nights this spring break, I decided to sit down with a friend and watch one of my all-time favorite movies from my childhood, Blazing Saddles. At first, the opening theme and credits took me … Continue reading

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Public Things

I have been mulling over writing this post for a while now, but I hadn’t figured out how I wanted to frame it until now. The title I’ve chosen is “public things.” This is, I hope, a phrase that is … Continue reading

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Why do we look for a perfect government?

What is the point of trying to finding a perfect government? Or one that will function enough to learn from past mistakes and its own mistakes to make itself stronger in the future. Every single time a government is formed, … Continue reading

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Foreign-Founder and Legitimacy in “The Tempest”

I just read Shakespeare’s, “The Tempest” and realized that there are several situations in the play which seem to deal with questions we have discussed in class. Though the play was written over a century before any of the writers … Continue reading

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Video Game or Social Experiment?

I wrote about this game previously in the blog for the Marx, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, and Freud, but I think that there are some relevant things in “Eve: Online” relating to some of the ideas we have discussed this year in … Continue reading

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The Ineffective Foreign-Founder

I ran across an interesting article a while ago which caught my attention: The article, written by Pippa Biddle, encourages volunteers NOT to join organizations and/or trips which involve helping communities facing certain crises (lack of shelter, famine/drought, disease, … Continue reading

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Plutonic Oligarchy

A brief summary of a report from Princeton and Northwestern universities that proves America is an Oligarchy is linked here. Noam Chomsky explains how America really functions as a capitalistic democracy that mirrors nothing of true democracy in this article … Continue reading

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